World Coffee production, D.R.


The world coffee production it’s  around the world where tropical weather can be found; therefore the Dominican Republic does not stays behind in this industry.

My home town La Vega, it’s a very fertile valley; surrounded by the main mountain chain (cordillera central) of the island, and one of the regions where coffee is grown.

In this industry alsowomen get to produce coffee as well and I met one of them,  she lives in the city called Jarabacoa, located in La Cordillera Central, the same main mountain chain of the island, Which is situated to more than 1,500 meters above sea level.

the woman i met maria, is a coffee producer, -she also comes from the same city of a recognized writer named Julia Alvarez, who has a novel in English that talks about coffee grown in this area called “A Cafecito Story”, in case you may want to read about it or buy the book and learn more about this process.

on the other hand, in the institution where I work, we are helping out a project called “Café Sano y Ecológia”, translated to English, “Healthy and environmental friendly coffee”. The area where this coffee is grown is called Guarey, also located in the main mountain chain, La Cordillera Central. 

This November first, the community inaugurated the first part of the project I mentioned above.this project consisted in the construction of a coffee processing plant, which washes, pill out the skim of the coffee, and dries the coffee. also the project contemplated an area for producing organic fertilizer made by earthworms. in addition, The community had an association of coffee producers, that latter on will certify the coffee as organic. the certification will come after they implement a whole program of organic fertilization only; and that will be possible since they will produce their own, using the earthworm.

At this moment, I feel very happy because I have had the opportunity on working with this project, since is my first job opportunity, but also because is a mixture of responsibilities, not only in the agriculture area, -which is my career-, also in community development.

Since I started visiting this community, I fall in love with the people; mostly because even though they live in very poor conditions, they always showed a smile and treated everybody with all the attention ones can deserve. I also fall in love with the project because the community people felt more supported; besides the project brought to the community better live conditions, specially now that they are  able to commercialize the coffee they produce and get higher payments  for each 50 kilograms of coffee, -it is a fair trade commercialization-.

In my personal conception, it has being a great pleasure to be part of this project which is not only focused on developing and economical sustainability, but getting back to the communities’ people some hope.

Finally, I hope that when you purchase some coffee, you will remember this story. also remember the places where the coffee you are purchasing  came from, was grown or if the organization helped producers get fair payment. as well as if projects  like those integrate women in  the production and commercialization of coffee.  Every time you take a sip of a cup of Café and the aroma invades your nose, and transport you to the mountains, is made possible for people like these. Café….







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