May 30, a very memorable day for all Dominican people.

May 30, is a very memorable for all Dominican people because in a day like today ended the tyranny of a man who had a despotic regime in the Dominican Republic, during 1930 until 1961.

Today our history marks 49 years since the assassination of Trujillo, one of the most ruthless dictators from Western Hemisphere.

If any of you wants to know more about this period in Dominican history, there is a lot of literature were you can find information about it, and specially for the English readers, I recommend the next.

Some of the topics that you can find in books about Trujillo are orientate about his regime of death and panic. The first writings can be found on the reports made by the American journalist Bernard Diederich who was the first international person who gave light about the situation Dominicans’ were living right after Trujillo’ s execution, and wrote a book “Trujillo, la muerte de un dictador”. The second book you can read is “La Fiesta del Chivo”, The Feast of the Goat; this book was written by Mario Vargas Llosa, an a third one “En el Tiempo de las Mariposas”, In the Time of the Butterflies, written by Julia Alvarez.

If you are not a reader and you prefer films, you can also watch two excellent movies made about this period in Dominican’s history. The first movie inspired in the same book, La Fiesta del Chivo, and the second movie also inspire in the same book, In the Time of the Butterflies. Both movies can be found in any movie stores, like blockbuster, and the three books can be found in Amazon.

It is important for all Dominicans to spread the word and our history about our experience as a nation which was depraved of freedom. It is important to us to inform to the new generations the cost for them to live free today, all thanks to the empowerment of their grandpas and grandmas.

!Today Dominicans we are free!

Pamela Angeles

May 30, 2010.

Source: Listin Diario, 30 de mayo del 2010, la Republica.


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