! The Zaguan Restaurant experience!

The Zaguan Restaurant is a great place to eat traditional Dominican food. Many people around the country come to this place to eat its most famous dish call “Mofongo”. I usually bring my friends and family on specials occasions to this restaurant to celebrate with them, especially on their birthdays. My mother and my husband love to come here; every time I invite them for an especial occasion, they are willing to come no matter what.

I was eating at the restaurant on a special occasion with a friend, and a woman next to us said she drove 250 kilometers just to eat the famous “mofongo dish”. When she tasted the first bite, she said “this is even more delicious than what people from the Capital described it.” Another person sitting next to her table, a man, said “I come every once and while, and never regret coming to taste the best mofongos”.

My friend Patricia said “I think we have in this city the best restaurant, and we don’t even know it”. And I say, -it is true-, “Yulissa, my sister, brought the whole family to The Zaguan the day of her farewell party. Also her husband, who is from Holland, has the same opinion as you. We spend a great time every occasion we get here, just tasting the different dishes they prepare in here and to share it with one and another is pleasurable.

In addition a young girl across the table said, “I am more than confident to bring my friends here and hang out some time to taste and eat good food.”

My friend Patricia and I have definitely the same opinion; the Zaguan Restaurat it’s a good place to visit to eat good food.


2 comentarios sobre “! The Zaguan Restaurant experience!

  1. Siiiii sister la verdad me fascina ese restaurant. Se te olvidó decir que fue reconstruido hace varios años por que hubo un accidente que lo destruyó.
    Uo lo recomindo, otro plata muy delocioso son las costillas de cerdo natural, las mejores que he comido hasta hoy!

  2. Yo soy una de las que cada vez que voi al pais tengo que llegar al Zaguan. Como llegar y no desgustar de esos ricos platos y postres. Mi dulce favorito es el de batata mmmm me lleva hacia mi infancia. Ete restaurante es una verdadera joya y que este en mi Vega querida que mas pedir. Me recuerdo cuando fuimos juntas que momentos mas lindos.


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