Advantages and disadvantages of the city I live in

I live in La Vega, a province from The Dominican Republic. This is a very special town because is rich in agriculture land and crops production. Also this town is one of the provinces with more numbers of natural resources reserves and national parks. Because of the richness on natural resources, this city is recognizing as the “ecotourism city”. Every year hundreds of tourists from countries such as, United States, Spain, Italy, Holland, Canada, Germany and many others come to this places surrounded by nature and national parks. Besides this city it’s located it in the north central part of the island, which is a little distanced from the cost, what makes it safer because is protected by the mountain chains, preventing the entry of hurricanes and big storms during the hurricanes season. All these conditions mentioned above, make of this town one of the best provinces to live in it.
On the other hand in this city there are some problems, primarily socio economic problems in terms of unemployment which make give it some disadvantages to live in it. This city lacks companies that can offer jobs to the hundreds of young people that every year graduated from the universities, also there is a low payment rate, which is not enough for a family living. So even though this province is rich on natural resources and agricultural land, not many people work in these fields, therefore there are many unemployment people. That same conditions cause that young people emigrate the city, going away to live at the capital Santo Domingo, or moving to other countries like the United States, Spain and other countries from Europe as well.


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