Reading is a way to learn about new things and different cultures

Reading is the activity I enjoy the most doing in my free time, since through reading I can learn about new things, different cultures; empathize with what happens with other people, places, and countries, and I become more well-informed as I read more.

I started to read books when I was thirteen, my father gave me the first book I read entirely; the book written by the author Khalil Gibran, “The Broken Wings”. That book was my first window to the Arabic culture and romance novels. Since that time, I fall in love with books and reading; up to today, I have read more than 150 books which I share on a social page for books fans call Goodreads.

After I read that first book, I told my father I wanted to read more books, so he got me another book call, “The Alchemist” from Paulo Coelho. This new book was even more amazing than the first one. It entered me through a new world full of dreams and possibilities for a young person like me. It gave me the possibilities to imagine my life coming true by my endurance on pursuing my dreams. The Alchemist is a book written from the perspective of a boy, so I became more empathic with boys ideas. Indeed, the book’s story made me feel that a boy and a girl can have the same kind of dreams, and can also work on their dreams in the same way each one might want to achieve what they want in life.

The Alchemist, opened my mind to learn about the life in a desert country and how people live with all their limitations, due to the lack of water and forest; as well as sand storms. Again throughout reading, I had the chance to learn about a country so different than mine, since where I live, is surrounded by vegetation and rains a lot.

Ever since I read my second favorite book, I didn’t have to ask my father to get me more books; I started to ask for them to other people, like to my Catholic godparent, who also read a lot and had many books, which were not only about novels; since he is a journalist as a professional and he had different types of books. In fact, one of the most intriguing and different type of books I read, that he owned, was “The Mediocre Man” by José Ingenieros, that book talked about the behavior of a person who live his or her life on a superficial and conformism circumstance, without exert himself or herself. After I read that book, I said to me, “never in life shall you become a mediocre person, never. Encourage yourself to do the best you can and do things well done always”.

Furthermore, one more reason I understand that reading make me more knowledgeable is because at that time my grandfather used to buy the news paper; consequently I started enjoying reading about whole different topics. I started to read it ever since he brought it home, as a result, I started to become more informed about the things that happened in my society, and about different topics such as economy, politics, and business; specially science, technology, health and arts, which were my favorite topics. I used to seat next to him at the porch and read along with him.

To conclude, reading has being one of the most enjoyable things I can do on my free time. Throughout reading I have learn about new things, different cultures, and empathize with what happen to other people. In fact, I understand that I wouldn’t know about different topics on national and global current events, if I wouldn’t like reading.

I invite you to chek on Goodreads or amazon; you’ll find many books, besides you’ll like it.



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